doctor-2-issa-basem-icon-24-24 Σύμβουλος Νευροχειρουργός
pinΛεωφ, Μοσογείων 264, Metropolitan General, Χολαργός, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα
pinΦειδιππίδου 22, 4ος όροφος, Τ.Κ.11527, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα
phone-iconΤηλέφωνο : 00302108948450, Έκτακτα Περιστατικά : 00306974442492
Μαρτυρία του ασθενή Τ. Μ. με Εγκεφαλικό Επεισόδιο

In March 2016 I was unlucky enough to suffer from a brain stroke. At the same time I was lucky enough to be submitted at Iasso General in Athens and without delay I was operated by Dr. Basem Issa one of the best neurosurgeons in Greece.

After my first stroke he foresaw that I might get a second stroke and he decided to delay the placement of one of the head bones until it was more clear what was to happen. This decision indeed save my life as 3 days after the first operation I had a second stroke that would have killed me if my head was completely closed. In reality only one in a million live without any apparent problem like in my case.

Due to Dr. Issa I am well, back to my family, back to work and very happy to be alive. In my opinion Dr. Issa is one of the best neurosurgeon worldwide. 

T. M.
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